Q. How does www.thatlocalchatter.com work?

A. www.thatlocalchatter.com has been created as an alternative to the existing social networks where the users could have conversations on a range of topics without any ads, irrelevant comments, etc.

Q. Is it free to become a user of www.thatlocalchatter.com?

A. Yes, it is completely free to become a user of www.thatlocalchatter.com. However if you want to send a message to the other user or want to see some additional content, such as all photos of another profile, you will have to purchase Credits or become a Premium Member.

Q. How does the messaging service works?

A. The messaging service, which is a part of the www.thatlocalchatter.com, is simple and easy to use. Any user of www.thatlocalchatter.com can send a message to any other user present on the website. The user just needs to go to the “Messages” page and create a message there. The same page will also contain the messages that the user would receive from the other users.

Q. How much does it cost to send a message to another user?

A. The price varies depending on which Credit package the user has purchased. The bigger the Credit package, the cheaper it is per message. Credit packages and the prices per message can be found on the Credits page on the website.

Q. Is there a limit on how many messages I can send or how many users I can contact?

A. No, there is no limit neither on how many messages one can send nor how many users can be contacted at the same time. So you can chat as much as you want!

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